My Life Is An Open Book

My life is an open book
Come over and have a look
Turn page after another
See pages of happiness
and pages of sorrow
Hear the sounds of laughter
and sounds of cry
There are many chapters telling stories
From time of infancy and playful childhood
to chapters of blossomed youth and adulthood
It is a journey and the time at the wheel
From a young man looking to the future
to a mature man at the whirl of life
to a gray hair older man pretending
he has gained all the wisdom
Although there are many chapters
The last one is waiting to be written
Someone else will write it
when all have finished
when life journey has ended
when the book of life
is finally closed

by Sherif Monem

Comments (2)

I enjoyed your look at life as a book of chapters. Thanks for sharing, Sherif. Peace
beautiful narration.......with the reality and inevitable death....Keep it up! ! !