My Life Is Charmed [rev.]

Second day without the medication and hallelujah,
I can see; so-long-out-of-focus eyes made me feel
like a blind and useless person, couldn't read well
enough to interpret terms and lines - as such I felt
unwelcome in the office as affected vision made it
impossible to think coherently -

Today I felt like a new being, safe in my own space
where work made sense; it was beyond description
trying, unable to see the text, to translate - - surely
hell on earth, now I'm a justified human being with
the right to a job- I hate medication that makes me
blind, it's too overpowering - as if I'm a

Criminal posing as translator; the only way to deal
with it is to be a spy doing reconnaissance with a
fake crutch, actually a gun, moon-boot filled with
killing devices; relating my fantasies to people in
the lift and when they laugh uproariously it seems
my life is charmed…

[30 October 2014]

by Margaret Alice Second

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Hello poet friend Margaret. I hope things are going better for you and I enjoyed your descriptive piece. Life can be hard at times. Have a great weekend! Loyd PS: Please check out my new book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, Pumpkinny Tales. Thanks for your support.