My Life Is In You

My life is in You Lord and all that I do.
I pray that it reflects Your image today.
My life depends on You and Your Spirit
To help me do Your will in every way.

My life is in You Lord and my dreams
that come in the night, to encourage me.
My life is lived and although it seems
You’re far, Your Word helps me to see.

My life is in You and with it comes joy.
You’ve taken all the hurt and bitterness.
My life has been a witness to my boys.
to bring encouragement and forgiveness.

My life will never be without a reason.
You gave me purpose and meaning too.
My life needs You in the different seasons.
You’ll always be there guiding my shoes.

My life is in You Lord. You designed me.
You never change and so I truly depend
On Your Word to always keep my life free,
to encourage and teach until the very end.

by Kathryn Tyler King

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