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My Life Is Like A Story
MB (February 4,1989 / )

My Life Is Like A Story

My life is like a story,
But my prince will never come,
Every story has a happy ending but mine is very sad,
All the teasing never ends,
Fairy tails have good but this story is has bad,
The dragons always win,
And the nights always lose,
And then I wake up from a never-ending dream!
Back, back to reality!
No dragons, nights, fairies, and princes
Back to school, teachers, boys, and bullies!
The dragons are the bullies!
The cute boys the princes!
Our best friends the nights to help us out of trouble and defend us from the dragons!
The castles are the schools,
The teachers are the horses backing up the nights,
The dragon inside me has been realest and can cant come back inside and is slowly killing me!

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