My Life Lived Is Not Created From An Assumption

Never will I waste my time,
In argument to define my mind.
With someone who professes to know,
My predicament.
And wish to debate decisions I make...
From their point of view to dissect and undo.

If I say what I've done from my own experience,
Has made a difference in the way...
I perceive and display,
The actions I make!
That has nothing to do with anyone who assumes,
Who I am with a retaliation to influence misunderstanding.

My life lived is not created from an assumption!
For anyone to come along to dump their opinions,
Based upon what they have heard through gossip.
If someone wishes to know what my thoughts are,
They need to come to the source.
And not try to endorse beliefs perceived to deceive.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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