My Life, My Little Sister

I have a little sister that shares my life.
This little girl saved my life.
She made me well when
I felt like I was dying.
This little girl is every bit of me.
That’s why I call her mini-me
She has my eyes, my nose, my lips and my smile.
This girl is every part of me
I call her my guardian angel because without her
I’d be living in complete misery.
Of course every good thing has its flaws.
Ours is we can’t see each other.
And the very thought of it breaks my heart.
My sister tells me all the time
That she loves me with all of her heart.
But what my sister don't know
is I would die without her.
I would be real pathetic without her.
See before my sister I was all about making money.
But I was empty inside, it felt like
I was only half of myself.
Because I knew it was something missing.
Now that I have her I feel almost whole.
Now when I do see her and hold her in my arms
I’m never more complete than that very moment
I look into her eyes.


by Lil Bonifide

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