WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

My Life My Spring

I smile from ear to ear my dear spring
You make me want to write naughty things
I better behave but I feel I must for you are now my passion
Seldom felt such feelings of rapture. In your arms, I belong for now and ever after
Sovereign princess and queen of all things for life's new blood you bring to so far a field this gentleman calling
I am your noble dark knight and you my lady fair to the dragon's keep I shall ever more rescue you from the clinches of perils old and new

Never fear for I see the stars in your eyes that make me smile and filled me with contentment
You are a beautiful soul that lit the fires which make the flames burn as the Sun kneels down at your feet and kiss the other stars

I can kiss you from head to toe while I stop in the middle to linger awhile and nibble till senses explode in ecstasy
Toes tasted none wasted as spring cool with joyful delight
Kitty cat licked as if I the child engulfing a lollipop for the first time
Hearing the call of the wild the soldier stands firmly waiting bonding between fertile soils Phallic member covered by the skin of pink as warm as a quilt blanket on a cold winter's night

Friction causes heat to rise and fall as I give spring my all for a night of true intimacy
Sweat runs down my back and spring's lips quiver from the body's motion in synchronization
Rhythm moves to the beat as circular motions to twist and turns to make fires burn intensely

A ferocious flame consumes the bed as bodies entwined as I find spring deeply moving
I roar as the lion do to mark territorial grounds on secret shores once more
Warding off all other suitors while backs arched as pink walls penetrated
"Yes! " Spring cries as she closes her eyes for moments never achieved extremely

The lion roars and the jungle trembles. The room spins and heads become dazed
A warm sensation comes over as teeth clinched for romance release its fury
I look deeply into spring's eyes and I see God and no other likewise Spring moves me like none before and ever since I adore her
Comforted by spring we snuggle while passion comes to its natural conclusion
As the morning rises, I still see the stars in her eyes for neither feelings lost or regrets do I
Treasure the time I knew for all the things you do
The sky is no longer the limit for I have reached heaven still on earth

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Robert Frost

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