My Life On Paper

Let the truth be told
Break free from the mould.
Three kids with a mum and a dad
Then dad left for another woman which made us sad.

I worked hard at school
Watched my brothers grow tall.
Then I met Nadine
THe happiest I have been.

Mum was my best friend
Someone on which I thought I could depend.
She told me she was seriously ill
But then I found out she was lying to me still.

Then she met that jerk
From there, everything went berserk.
Mum would get angry
And blamed everything that went wrong on me.

I was raped as she stood by
She failed to protect, just stood there to watch me cry.
She sacrificed me to save herself
She couldn't give a damn about my health.

She made me bring my relationship to an end
Told me she was the only one on which I can depend.
She touched me several times
I tried to push her away, she had crossed the forbidden line.

She would use emotional blackmail
Make out to everyone else she was so loving and frail.
She told us that dad didn't care
Visits from him became more rare.

She took an overdose on pills
But later claimed it was Paul trying to kill.
She kept letting him back into our home
I was left to deal with things on my own.

She finally kicked him out
But the past was something we were never allowed to talk about.
She just kept on with the lies
I think she always will til the say she dies.

She never wanted to listen when I tried to talk
I had enough so packed my bags and walked.
I couldn't take any more
Of her treating me so poor.

I had to make several trips into hospital because of problems with my tummy
My friends helped me through, but there was no help from my mummy.
Everything got on top of me
The psychiatric centre was the safest place to be.

It was then I made contact with dad
Told him the truth and how things had got so bad.
Although I couldn't bring myself to tell him everything
He hugged me tight and took me under his wing.

I then decided to report them to the police
So I can try and get some closure and move on with some peace.
Of course they both deny all that went on
Maybe they were mentally ill all along?

She tells my brothers that it's all lie
Trying to convince them as she sits there are cries.
Paul, mum and I will always know the truth of what went on
The years may have passed but hte memories will never be gone.

by Hannah Davies

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