My Life`s Poem (If U Want To Read.. Please Read And Comment)

I, Chris*Tina...

From in an unstable country but really friendly, nice and cool country...

CUTE some say

I grew up in a pretty house.had a broken but happy family..

I remembered the time when I was grade2 school grad.
I cried `Cause I thought I wont recieve a single medal....
Cause all of my classmates were called...................
But then (The last student would be call... Christina *******)
When I heard my name called..I suddenly jumped and whispered
to the person beside me (Is it my turn?)
then I walked through the carpet and thought i had my dream.

but then 2007 came and I was 12...
just then I realized that my dream wasnt just starting..

I had broken family right now bt i have another fun dad
Family had problems but we moved into another world
A world and country that is known for anime...

we entered the country with happy smiles on our face
and we learned different language.....

I tried to survive even though I know this is not my country
with wearing my heart on my sleeve...

I know i was given a role but never knew just when to play..
dont know how to come up with problems like this.
but someone showed me how....
And remember always mom says to me (trials is a part of life, without trials life would be boring  just learn how to cope with it...the ultimate measure of a precious family is not where we stands in moments of comfort...but where we stands at times of trials and controversy...)

My town girls wasn`t here and had no girls around here......
I am too surviving these problems...
and will hope to do it right... :)

And still i know these challenges comes up to life and it will
never be erased.... I will get up and do this..
I know my dreams are just starting....

by christina kojima

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I read your poems like you asked me to do. I must say, I enjoyed them all. But I like this one the most. Keep writing, follow your dreams whatever they may be. Remember, no matter what anyone may say, our dreams are own and only we know is they come true. Good writing.