My Life So Far

Poem By Samantha Martin

My life so far isn’t something I like
I fight with anger and hate my life
The person who I use to be
Is no longer there for me
As every day seems to get a lot harder
And I began to feel less and less stronger
I still fight back cause no one will
I fight to live not fight to kill
Though sometimes days seem to get a little clear
But turn out all black because of the fear
And now I fight to control myself
I’m losing my mind and I can’t help
So my life so far isn’t something I like
I wish I could change it with all my might
But my days grow colder and darker now
How long till I die how long must I wait now
To stop feeling this way and forget all the pain
Cause to me everyday I get less than I gave
To me those who say they care for me
I don’t know and I don’t care to see
My life so far isn’t something I like
I fight with anger and hate my life

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