My Life - Yours Too

Poem By Sarda Mohan

Me you call Nature’s wonder
When a cascade or a spring slender
Me as a mighty ocean you can see
As morning dew, I can always be.

I come running down from miles afar
Giggling, dancing all the way
Glittering like a diamond or a star
For which is enough, a little sun ray.

I’m the chief in the family of Nature
A friend of the trees, soil and every creature
But from your houses, fields and mills, into me flow
Wastes that have made my quality low.

When on me, oil you spill, I remain mute,
Unable to tell you – Do not pollute
You play holi on me – everyday of the year
Leaving only memories of how once I was clear.

Be not a little more, or a little less
May there be no deserts, no floods
- Always to me, that is your plea
But forget not, without me, never can you be.

Comments about My Life - Yours Too

This poem delivers a very profound message. Excellent work, Sarda. Warm regards, Sandra
Summing up, I find the last line, 'But forget not, without me, never can you be' is a crown on the poem, despite all differences.
This write is very inspiring, reminding us of the beauty of mother nature of which we live in. Thus, in gratitude must not destroy its splendor and bounty.10 for it.

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