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My Lifeboat
HDP (1977-11-04 / South Africa)

My Lifeboat

Poem By Helgard du Preez

I remember yesteryear with my unshielded anima
Flavored with undesirable seasons
Cold howling winds crying out an enigma
Violent blizzards raining me with inner demons

My interior was void and deflowered
No sense of an odorous sweet fragrance
Mother Nature clawed me, I was overpowered
The elements insistently blowing me negligence

Slumped to the bottom of the ocean
Deep saline water burning my wound
Persistent like a pirate to captain's devotion
Soaked, yet as dry as a prune

Lying deep under, I looked above
Something’s coming; it’s red, and almost round
It looks like a heart, filled with love,
Rescued, my lifeboat and buoy, I am found

Reeled in by my life rope, up and up and more
Tardily my wound seemed to heal
Never again will I be this sore
Never again will I be nature’s meal

Reborn in a new nature
Where the sun is always shining
And the clouds are blushing with the breeze’s gesture
Angels dancing on the soft cotton lining

Even in the blackest sky the half moon’s smiling,
Crickets singing songs of jubilance
Crashing waves skipping a heart beat’s binding
At last I found you, the reason of my exuberance

My love and my “Lifeboat”

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Sounds almost like a real experience. Really gets to you. I could see everything happening as I read it. Enjoyable read.