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My Lifelong Love Affair

I knew her right back when
I first opened my tiny eyes
inside the nursing home room
that was filled with my first cries

She has that special quality,
much like an inescapable charm.
Wonderfully mysterious are her ways,
Unpredictable enough to cause harm.
Her tumultuous nature causes friction but also makes her canty.
Our relationship is like a roller-coaster ride,
with ups & downs aplenty.

She breaks with nonchalance,
the most carefully laid-out of plans,
She is an exquisite lover,
with firm & demanding hands.

I loved & hated her with equal vigor,
but I knew I really wanted her true,
there is no escaping her,
no matter what I do.

For to turn my back on her,
would be an invitation to the Reaper,
so I ensure that I get the sustenance,
to be strong enough to keep her.

I then pondered over her strange, inexplicable ways,
that were at times painful & sad,
Then realized that she actually loved me;
loved me more than I myself ever had.

Her numerous moods add variety,
they spice up my daily existence,
give me the greatest highs
& satiate my need for new experience.

She sends me the exact experiences,
the lessons I need to learn & grow
She teaches me how to love, care & feel
and also to reason, infer & know

She loves only one,
there can be no else but me.
For she is mine & I am hers,
thus mutually defined & dependent are we.

With this realization, came acceptance,
And I cast aside all expectation,
'You are MY LIFE! You are MINE! '
I said in all jubilation,
as I took full charge of what was always rightfully mine.

PS: At the risk of being redundant, let me inform that I've personified 'My Life' as 'My Lover' in this piece.

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Life as lover and Death as heartless foe; One welcoming all and other a chosen few, are but perceptions of time's flow, for each life is but mortal, ending one day just as surely as it starts. Until we have technologies to reverse existence's damaging, Techniques and methods of treatments called anti-ageing. Tis' best to enjoy our moments in the sun, Splendid chances to experience and live, Try it, trust me it's so much fun!
Funny, you hold hands with life and I with death.... Life is the lover of all, But Death, heartless Death, has room for only a few.... And so I loved him dearly instead....
This is one of my favorite pieces. Keep up the good job!
wondefrful the last para is really beautiful.voted 10 surya
You are MY LIFE! You are MINE! ' I said in all jubilation, as I took full charge of what was always rightfully mine....Great Write..........may your affair last for a life time.............
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