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My Lifetime
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My Lifetime

To live a lifetime without you
That would be the hardest life to live,
It would be a lifetime of pain and torture
It would be an eternity that I couldn't live or give;
So I mapped out that situation inside my mind
As I stared at the heavens above,
I think; to live a lifetime without you
It would become a life, without meaning or love.

To live a day without you
In my mind that deed cannot be done,
How can a man survive, and call it a life
When he doesn't have the moonlight or the sun;
Once my life was at its very end
I didn't have a reason to fight or survive,
I tried it all, I was prepared for my fall
And then you entered into my life.

To live a minute without you
That would be the hardest sixty seconds for me to do,
So I sit down and I will write, until you see the light
I am the only one who could ever truly need you;
An hour without you is like a day
And that day becomes a year that will never end,
A year without you would become a forever
That one moment, I don't ever want it to begin.

To know that I had to live without you,
That would be the saddest part of my life,
I would give up to write, and my reason to fight
Then I would present GOD with my life.
I stare at the heavens above me
I again thank GOD that he presented you to me,
And I always thank him again, as a man would his friend
Without you, I truly couldn't be.

Randy L. McClave

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