My Little Chicken

My little chicken some call him a cock
When ever I squeeze him, I’ve never heard him squawk
I love my little chicken every day
There is nothing he likes better than to get out and play
He’s always the first one up in the morning
He never crows but he’s still very adoring
During the day he likes leaning on my leg
I love that little chicken that’s never laid an egg
I love my little chicken, I hold him in my hands
I don’t even think he’s noticed I’m a man
Sometimes he gets hyperactive when chicks come around
But I’ve never seen him bummed out and fall to the ground
He’s my little chicken as hard headed as can be
You’ll never see him out pecking up seed
The other day out by the barn door
He asked why don’t you stud me out like the horse
I told him that wouldn’t be a righteous thing to do
Because you very special and you need to be prude
He’s my little chicken so I’ve said enough
Because if I’m not careful he may try to call my bluff

by Joe Daddy

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