My Little Feet (For My Little Granddaughter, Hailey - Born 2005)

Poem By Margaret Kollmer

Someday soon, MY little feet will leave my Mummy's tum
And someday soon, I will see: my tiny little bum.
In baby-grows, my little feet, just as Mummy knows
Will be warm in a cosy, cuddly place for wiggling brand-new toes.

If they could talk, my little feet, they'd never have the blues
Cos they are little girlie feet and pink's the shade to choose.
When I am one, my little feet will grow to be so strong
I'll even run before I walk and 'oops! ' when I go wrong.

When I am three, my little feet, encased in white, you'll see
And frocks all pink and polka dot, like ice-cream I will be.
And come the day, my little feet, in Mummy's bright red shoes
With denim skirts and T-shirts bright, I'll be the gal to choose.

Dark days they'll see, my little feet, when they resort to slops
And scruffy jeans; a tom-boy me - so watch out for my klops!
And when one day, my little feet are joined by another pair
Then one, two, three and MY little feet make four, with none to spare.

Comments about My Little Feet (For My Little Granddaughter, Hailey - Born 2005)

This is very good writing...thank you for sharing about your little granddaughter...keep writing. I have a few you might enjoy about my granddaughter 'My Little Joy' 'I Saw a Little Girl' and also another about what I see in stores sometimes, 'Little One, Little Voice' Thank you again and continue writing.
What a sweet poem Marilese. This is so lovely. HG: -) xx

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