My Little Friend

I have this little friend of mine
He comes-up 10 times a day.
Every time I see him,
He always wants to play.

Whom he plays with, dosen't matter,
At all to him, you see,
Just as long as, He gets played with,
He knows it pleases me.

To wear him out takes a lot of work.
Leaving my face a smiling smirk.
Sometimes he can play for hours,
Sometimes he is just a jerk.

He is really fun to play with.
So I can not complain.
I enjoy his company quiet a lot.
He even has a name.

His mom calls him little Joe.
His dad left him and his mother.
Leaving her to rear alone,
Him and his younger brother.

Last week we started dating,
They live downstairs below.
Everytime Joe comes-up,
He puts on quiet a show.

Soon, We will be married.
and live on the same floor.
Then I will no-longer be alone
We will be a family of Four.

by Sirpheno The Knight

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I love this poem bunches and unches