CT (4th November 1994 / Stoke Mandeville)

My Little Friend 'Bruce'

I found you on the ground one day,
You looked so lonely and scared.
I picked you up and held you close,
I descided to call you Bruce.
You looked at me with your big red eyes,
Your red fluffy skin touching my face.
You had a piece of long red string,
Coming out of your head.
You had thick black glasses,
And a nose so small I cant see it.
You had no mouth, And no body,
And relied on me to protect you.
Ok, I may have dropped you a few times,
But you have a really slippy string.
I will try not to do it any more,
But I cant promise anything.
My friends may call you;
A He She Her It Thing,
But I call you Bruce!

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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Jokaa Lol xP I like bruce: D iluLOADZ xoxo