BU ( / Kerala, India)

My Little Goblin

When I looked into my goblet
There was a goblin with sparkling eyes.
It looked at me with mischief hidden,
I asked him to jump up to the brim.

It began to dance balancing it's tiny body
As on a trapeze round the edge of the goblet
His proboscis moved left to right
His little hands trumpeted as in a tambour

And his ears to and fro with the din
With a music rallentado to the Tannie
Keeping it on the table, I moved a little
It smiled on me with it's tail around my neck!

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Comments (2)

bisy Untan, What fun you must of had in the fertile plains of imagination whilst drinking your tea. Nice thoughtful process and I am so glad you shared this! It tickled my fancy. Blessings in your very creative writing. kathy
Beautiful imagination! Only a poet can see goblin in a goblet!