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My Little Love

He has curly hair,
When he would look at me I would ask him, why stare?

He is the type to give you those silent glares.
If you developed feelings for him you would be left in tears.

What can I say?
Aside from he's the one person I think about each day.
He captured my heart in a special way.

Mr. Anonymous,
You have made me see in my heart not only me but us.

So I ask that you either return or take you away.
That my heart may remain in one and not split in an array.

Waiting for you feels as if I am building cracks.
I do not practice kintsukuroi,
My heart won't be properly fixed as broken pottery.

I ask that you come save me.
I apologize for not asking you to do so early.
However, I am still afraid and I will avoid you sincerely.

by Safiyyah Manjra

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