(1834-1894 / England)

My Little Ones

Ah! little ones! my little ones!
When will your sorrows end?
We deemed you daughters, deemed you sons
Of our Eternal Friend!
Yet ever tears of blood we bleed
Above your bitter mortal need!
I deem that it may be your part
To break, and melt the world's hard heart:
And when ye know, ye will rejoice;
In Heaven, will you give your voice
For earthly pain, your own free choice?
In the life that follows this,
Will you, with your forgiving kiss,
Pile the saving coals of fire
On cruel mother, cruel sire?
Little ones, my little ones,
Ah! when will be the end!
We deemed you daughters, deemed you sons
Of more than earthly Friend!
We want you fair, and hale, and strong,
Full of laughter, mirth, and song;
For when we hear you weep and moan,
Our Lord is shaken on His throne!
If later years be dull and sad,
Leave, O leave the children glad!
Little ones, my little ones,
However all may end,
Earth may fail, with moons and suns,
But never, Love, your friend!
For Jesus was a little child,
And God Himself is meek and mild.

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