An Audible Heart

Tell me you've made fantasies about a girl
And she was tripping you swore you'd buy her pearls
You scratching your head and biting oiff your finger nails
And now you are up all night browsing the net for the perfect sentiments
Tell me you once imagined a future with girl that blew you off
And you had that mentality of ' everything happens for a reason' as a form of consolation
I once made a match with a girl on picmix and got comments that encouraged me so much than in reality I didn't want to know the sincere truth that it wouldn't work
I once made a movie collage on picasa, of a girl I thought would be a Makasa and later on went to listen to Micasa as his songs have a rythmic jive
Have you ever looked into the mirror and before your beautiful reflection appeared you saw a picture of your lover whose eyes are so mesmirizing
Ever had this idea that you wanted to develop with one whose dear
Some sort of organisation that would bring affection to lost hope
And now all you have is the memories
After all you, nobody can deprive you of reflecting back on the good old times
Have you ever felt like you've been forgotten
A state I like to call oblivion
Sometimes I feel like life is unfair
We don't get the ones we truly love
But again appreciating the ones that love you is just wise

by Robby Makasa

Comments (2)

Hi Denis Joe, You're very sharp in picking up the Englishness of this poem. I was living in Norwich, England at the time. Not being a native-English speaker, I pick up idioms and intonations wherever I go. Thanks, as always, for your comments. Cheers!
This has such an English feel to it. Normally I would be using that as an insult. But what I mean by that is the language, the actual words that you use to construct this poem. As with 'Are You Refined? ' (an excellent title by the way) this follows the sandwich tecnique to great effect: the troilets act to maintain the potential explosion of the inner quartets. What is so powerful about this is the manner in which you chose to end it. The word 'cried' seems to suggested nothingness rather than an emotion.