My Loneliness

Poem By Kamal Lalwani

Sometimes in my loneliness
I wonder that you left me,
Abandoned me

The deep voices of my loneliness
telling me that you left me,
Why me?
Why me?
Is it the way it was meant to be

You left me with no intention to meet me
With no intention to be with me,
The deep voices from the dark
Laughing at me,
And reminding me the pain
It caused to me

Why you left me to travel alone
Was it that easy for you to abandon me,
This time even my soul asking me
Why me?
Why me?

My body feels,
Something is lost from me
That used to completes me
that used to Holds me,
now its gone
never wished it to be with me

Didn’t it caused any pain within you,
I wonder sometimes
That you abandoned me,
never know till how long

And the warmthness of your breath near to my ears,
the wet kisses over my chicks,
the grip of your hand
the weight of your head over my chest
the deep and the round eyes
the silk soft hairs
and your small hands,
I miss them all,
you have abandoned me
but not my memories
not my memories

I wanted to tell you, this all
but my dear you have abandoned me,
felt like my soul left me

That night I cried in your remembrance,
I tried to console my self
that it doesn’t matter anymore,
she is the one who has left me
but this mind doesn’t want to listen any more

but now how I ask myself to stop dreaming anymore,
the dreams of you
are often more
And now i miss u much more,
As My loneliness is now my new soul……….

Comments about My Loneliness

good poem...good flow..i like the poem...i enjoed it while i read it...nice poem please read my poems
wow! ! full of emotions.. gud peom.
Nice poem. Agree with Vipins. Merry Christmas
[Loneliness is my new soul] Very poetic! ! Feels here a lorn-love! ! ! A nice poem! !

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