My Lonely Childhood

When I went to school, I was too small
Such a fool was I to complete it so dull

Everyone had friends except for me
So shy was I to mix in a team

All kids played a very nice game
I kept myself aside, for me it was so shame

All of them waited for the bell to ring
To rush out to the streets once they heard the ting

Not daring to go through such a rush
Used to wait till there was a hush

Went home alone everyday
Mother used to beat for the delay

It was common as I used to take long turns on the way home
When she beat, I went and sat up on the dome

From there I saw hills at a greater distance
Pencil sketches were they like when I took a glance

So I stared at them for long time
They were very smaller than my dime

And I observed a road was laid near them
When a red color bus passed by them

Wondered where that bus would reach
Kept on seeing until it disappeared into a rocky ditch

Tried to track down the road again
Could not do it as no vehicles came in

Heard a voice calling me to come down
Now I totally lost sight of the road on which buses go to the town

It was my mother asking me to wash my face
Still I remember perfectly all those days

Now I grew up and am in college
trying to track down my life in the order of age

I can remember of times only when I was alone
All I can say is 'I don't have friends', in a grieving tone

by AnilKumar Sharma

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lonely as a sound of a tin in gutter, the sound of a gong even though it rings in doves, its lonely and dwels alone..its echo. Good work there my friend,