My Lonely World

I live in a world of my own
Where no one ever goes

A place where it is only me
And no one else to see

I live in my separated world
A diverted world

A world where no one has ever been
A world whose face has no grin

I created it you see
Or rather it formed around me

It’s a world with no precise view
Its observations are skewed

It’s a world with no real time
Nothing is ever orderly in a line

It’s a place of my very own
A place that will never be shown

I live in it all by myself
I call it my own hell

My own hell that I suffer everyday
My own hell that I live through everyday

But I live in it
And I don’t ever wish I was out of it

Cause no one understands me
No on cares about me

In their world they all live in
In the world I could never fit in

So I prefer my own world-
My little lonely world

by Rachel Blank

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