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My Lord And Savior
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My Lord And Savior

When everyone stared,
I truly cared.
When everyone else pondered,
I never not once wondered.
When everyone else thought,
I proudly sought.
When everyone else closed their eyes,
I saw the shame and the lies.
When everyone was afraid to stand,
I held out my hand.
When everyone else ran or walked away,
I decided to stay.
When I felt a great loss,
I saw you on the cross.

Jesus is my Lord and my savior
He makes a brave man even braver,
He is my Lord and my King
Unto him I will praise and sing.
He is my yesterday, my today, my forever.

With Jesus I will never walk alone
To no one man must I ever atone,
He is the only and true righteous way
Unto him I will always pray.
His path and journey I have been shown.

Jesus is my Lord and my salvation
He is King of the world and of every nation,
One day he will return
And because of him I will not ever burn.
As I am his loved creation.

Randy L. McClave

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A great piece of poetry about our Lord and Saviour. Thanks for sharing
An enlightened human being for gives us all. Anyone who would give their life to save one person In my opinion would save them all. Great write on a pertinent subject amd thank you for sharing.