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*my Lord, My God*
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*my Lord, My God*

For I look at you but
my blood never runs.
For I believe in you
but I never looked up as much.
For I trust you but I never
laid a hand on thee.

You are my wings on my back.
My deliever, my healer.
But I never did my part.
I feel betrayal in my heart.
Can sorry cut this time God, can it?
{Copyright © 2009 by Ice}

God, I just know.
Why do I stand still when I hear you?
Why do I stutter when it comes to you?
Must I prove myself to others to show my love for you?
{Copyright © 2009 by Ice}
God, I'm poured with just a knowing.
You are real. Nothing has to prove this so.
What can be stronger than belief?

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