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My Love
LTH (12/23 / BX)

My Love

Poem By LADii3 T Hinojosa

Baby, today we make 1 month
And I love you so much
I'm so glad you love me back
Most people choose fear over love
Because they know that when you fall in love that person has something they can brake of you
They have your heart
But you and me we choose love
Because we love each other so much
That day that I was with you the whole entire day
I didn't want to leave your side
But you had to go home
I started tearing
I was surprised when you told me you started tearing too
Like you told me
'LOVE is a four letter word
It can't be explained in words
I just love you so much'
I don't know what to do without you
Like people say
'He's like a drug he relieves my pain'
It's true
When I have a problem your the first person I go to
Baby I love you
I'm so glad we're making this work
Our parents are cool with us being together
Your mom tells me how much you feel about me
She says you don't like to go to the beach without me
LOL It sounds funny
And our parents get along just fine
That's so good
I love you baby
And I want you to know
I don't know what I would do if I wasn't with you
I feel like I found the right one but I had my heart broken before
But when I was with him he wasnt like you
I knew he wasnt the right one but I still loved him
I don't love him anymore
I love you
And boy, you just found the key to my heart
Don't loose it

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