My Love,

&& i want you to think
think hard
while you drive away
leaving me in your fancy
new car

With your arm around your
beautiful new girl
I want you to think if i was ever
anything in your world

While you embrace her and tell
her how much you love her
I want you to think if she's just
like me, another

And when you tell me your sorry
I want you to think about if you mean it
cuz Im having a little trouble trying to
believe it

When Im out with my friends smiling like
I dont miss you
I want you to look at me and think damn
i shouldnt have released you

And I want you to want me back
And as a matter of fact
I want you to tell me that

So I can break you down
Make your mind spin round

But i cant && no matter how hard
I try
My heart cant take to see you cry

And I have to think about what you
And how the rest of my life will be

Because I loved you and havnt stopped
And the pain you caused hurt a lot

But I want you to think the next time
you stare into her eyes
The reason you let me go, why?

Because 3 words were said
3 words with no meaning that
are now causing me to dread

Making me think harder then ever
And wonder if this feeling is here to stay

Im losing hope
its hard to cope
My lifes a joke

I cant handle anymore
This feelings hard to ignore

Sadness overload
Looking down a dark empty road

I love you baby and im sorry
Im sorry i wasnt good enough
for you but dont worry

I'll walk away
Move onto a new day
And sooner or later let go
of this phase

You deserved better someone
with a perfect life
That could make you smile at
any possible time

But I couldnt and I didnt
So i now understand why you
let me go
And I wish I could rewind life
like you dont even know

Depression a feeling hard
to be undone
And sitting before me is an ever
tempting gun

So I leave you behind an unforgettable
heartwrenching love note
Telling you how I felt leaving iloveyou as
the last words i wrote

Taking my finger
Pulling that trigger

Life flashes by me
in a zoom

With one tear left behind
I hope you live a wonderful life

Im sorry my love but i didnt know
what to do
Living without you?
I just had no clue
iloveyou boo

And with that mi amor
I bid you adu'

by Alicia Gomez

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