RS (06/06/1989 / Castleford, West Yorkshire)

My Love

Twas the 18th day of april,
the 16th hour of mecredi,
When my love reluctantly returned home
'I love you' is what he said to me.
Love has proved to be most difficult,
a bad girlfriend? I think i'm not.
Yet I can't shed the feel of guilt!

He asks of me to 'tie the knot'
but our heart's are seperate too often
to heal and bond with one another, but for what?
My love for him is undoubtably strong
The fate of us to be apart is truly wrong!

My palm's sweat, stomach churns, my heart even skips a beat!
Everytime i think of you coming to visit me.
I'd sell me soul to the devil, just to be with him,
when I look into his eyes, I shiver in every limb.
I'd just like to say, for your heart I wish to fill;
I love thee Frazer and always will!

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you have a heart of a souls...........lovely