My Love

My love, we were the first
To fall quietly in love with each other
I saw you, from a distance in which attraction gave in
We spoke? .more,
More friendly, more intently, more intimately
We lived to love each other
Then, we fell apart
Not ever knowing what our physical intimacy was like
I thought all hope was lost, gone
I searched, for my one true love, never to find again
But fate, yes fate found you in an awkward place
We caught up instantly
We were involved apart, not to be broken
But we began to love again
Stronger than before
And finally the moment came to explore each other love
It was beautiful, so beautiful, you were beautiful, night after night
My love, my only love
We frustrate in disagreements and misunderstandings
and came to an end, wanting to become again in time
You turned back the hands of time, I sped it up
Intending to return to you again, only
To find you wrapped tighter than before, with a bliss
Of hopefully endearing love for your sake
I long, yes I long for you, for your love, your beauty
I hurt, so bad cried and do
My one true love is lost forever now, completely gone
But our love, my love, will still live on.

by mandy faye

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