My Love

Shadows on a starless night,
Solemn thoughts void of light;

Moonlight drifting through the trees,
The soft caress of a passing breeze;

Murmurs of thoughts gone before,
The wanton call of the troubadours;

Reflections upon the waters of night,
The gentle sough of a raven's flight;

The longing of a silent tear,
The pith of ones deepest fears;

The reveries of quiet dreams,
The serenity of a coursing stream;

The flaming passions of rampant desires,
The dying embers of a venerean fire;

The raging hunger of a roaring storm,
The subtlety in which ardor is born;

To believe that reverence is true,
For this, my love, is how I love you.

by Sheri Walters

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