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~* My Love...

My love,
This is for you...

Night falls.. and morning rises..
I await.. a call that makes my day..
cuz your voice.. always seems to take my breath away..

I wanna impress..
Make you smile each and everyday..
Tell you, You're my world.. and so much more..

I wanna show you just how I feel..
baby.. If I could, I'd run to your door steps yelling - ' I Love You'
Cuz thats exactly.. what I wanna say.. exactly.. how I feel..

I dont care if you go bald, I'll love you..
I dont care if you eat so much cheese pizza you grow lovehandles..
I'll still love you..
I dont care.. if you grow old and wrinkly... baby.. I'll be by your side.. loving you.

Honey, the world will crumble..
it will fall.. and I'll be the rock you lean on..
I'll stand strong, never deserting..
always loving.

Baby, I'm devoted..
I'm committed..
I'm yours..

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i hope i never go bald i luv u ur so adorably cute babe