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My Love

You said I’m hopeless
I said I’m hopeless
I totally agree
I’m hopelessly in love
You said I’m hopeless
I say you’re crazy
How can you not feel it?
Do you not feel me
Feeling you?
I know its there
Love is there..here
Where you say
You say where afraid
But you bring me here
While were lying here…entwined
I don’t want to wake u
For heavens sake not take u
From your blissful trance
For this sweet romance
Will be bitter when u wake
You will be bitter when you wake
So I savor each breath I take
Knowing it may be the last
I wish this moment would last
Knowing it will be the last
SoI crawl out of bed
With limbs of lead
Wanting to be around you
Then I see you laying there
Quiet, peaceful serene beautiful
Beautiful peaceful serene quiet
Something like that
In one order or another
But you were always first
You lift me up
An angel from the heavens
But not meant for me
I guess its not meant to be
But it’s all I can do not to stare
I love everything about you
And its all I can do not to stare
I wish sometimes not to care
Not to care
And hurt
And ache
And cry
Because every time we say goodbye
It makes me want to die…

by Christopher Taber

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