My Love

My dear little child,
Your eyes are bright,
Your heart is pure,
You are an innocent soul,
Know that i love you.
I tuck you in tight,
And kiss you good night.
Remember i love you,
I hear the scream.
I run up the stairs to you,
I open the door too late.
Your window is open,
But you are nowhere in sight.
I call the police,
They tell me to hold on,
They will be here soon enough.
I am missing my love.
“dear sir, your daughter is nowhere around”
The officers leave with that.
I break into tears,
Oh i wish i could hold you tight.
I make the posters,
I make the website.
My child is missing, my love.
I tell the reporters,
They give the out news right away,
My love if you are out there,
Don’t give up, i will find you,
Remember that i love you!
Days turn to weeks,
Weeks to months,
It is almost a year,
Since my love was taken.
Tonight we march for you,
My love i hope you are well,
And the person who took you,
Burns in deep hell,
We get the call.
That they found you,
But what i feared most,
You are dead.
You found near a river,
About a mile from your bed,
My love if you are listening,
Please listen well,
For i your father have something to tell.
“i miss you dearly, for you are dead.
My lovely angel was taken from her bed.
This man that took you is in jail.
Your justice is served.
But my love is still gone”
Remember i love you,
My dear little child.

by nicole samec

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What a heart touching, heart breaking write. Someday you'll be together again, with Jesus.