NK (05/23/72 / Germany)

My Love

You loved me exactly the way I am
Not once, did you ask me to change
I couldn't have asked for a better friend
Without you, life seems so strange

I catch myself talking of us all the time
I'm so proud of the love we shared
You gave me such joy, when you were mine
I wish your life had been spared

I loved you exactly the way you were
You were the perfect man for me
The look, in your eyes, told me for sure
Our love was meant to be

Now that you're gone, nothing feels right
I can smile, but I'm always sad
It's especially hard late at night
When I dream of the life we had

There aren't any words to help me explain
How much living without you hurts
I'm always in such excruciating pain
And everyday only seems to get worse

I'd give anything just to see your face
Or hear your voice, in my ear
I know that if you'd had a choice
You would never have left me here

I'm so blessed to have had you in my life
To have loved my very best friend
And when it's my turn to walk into the light
You'll be waiting for me, at the end

by Natascha Krause

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Very nice, I especially liked the words 'exactly the way you were'. Too many forget that that is crucial. Thanks for a nice poem. H