My Love

If my love, my beloved darling,
Could come back to me again,
Would my life remain unchanged?
Or would she drive the pain away?
In a day, or a lonely night,
Would her face enchant my sight?
Would I see her by my side?

If my darling come back again,
Will the skies stops to rain?
Would she lie here by my side,
Just to drive the sorrow away?

Once my darling, to me, said:
'I'll be here for you every day'
But my heart broke in pain,
When a god came and took her away.

Evil god could not envy more,
Could he bear so painful sore?
No! His pride claimed for her,
Oh, that pretty, beautiful girl,

Now she stands there by his side,
But her heart he'll never have,
For such treasure she gave to me,
Oh! Such treasure he'll never see!

by Willian Menuci

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