I Hate The Way

I hate people who judge me,
and dont like me 4 wat i wear
I hate the way they treat me,
and the way they think im aware

I hate the fact that there so stupid,
and they dont understand anything
I hate the way they think there so cool,
and have everything

I hate the fact that there so afraid of the way i act
but all i know is that i dont take crap from no one,
and thats a fact

I hate the way they dont like me for who i am
So forget them,
who gives a damn! ! !

by alexandria granadino

Comments (3)

Whet a great love it would be! 💖10+
Deep feelings expressed from inner recesses of the heart. Lovely and passionate. Thanks for sharing Rahul..
My Love is not mine Love, My Love is my Patriotism Love. My Love is Native Love, I Love my Love. I love the world filled with love, I am proud of the small feeling of love. Super..... I vote you 10+++