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~my Love~

I love the way you look at me,
and I love the way you stare.
I love it when you pick on me,
because I know you really care.
I love the way you make me feel,
its like a tingle in my soul.
You always make me happy,
You make my heart feel whole.
I love it when you make me laugh,
or even make me smile.
I love your personlity and your really,
good sense of style.
I love our conversations we
have all night long.
But I hate it when the time,
comes to get off the phone.
I love to hear your opinion even though,
Your not always right.
And i love it when you make me laugh,
right in the middle of a fight.
I love the way we argue over the
dumbest things ever heard.
But I love it even more when we,
fight for the last word.
You always say love is a powerful word but my feelings I know are true!
And what my feelings are teling me is that I really do LOVE YOU! ! ! !

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