My Love For A Country

Smoky, blue skies tinted yellow,
Humid, syrup-like air,
Unevenly paved footpaths
Next to sky-scraping buildings
Are the features of Fuzhou, China.
And in a way, I love it.

But l dream of my homeland country,
Of the sky with visible stars,
The impossibly tall gum trees
And the air, crisp and unscented
Where my friends await my return
And I truly miss my home.

My family lives here, my relatives,
Friends who never left my side.
Even my memories linger.
And alike the fury of a bushfire,
Leaving behind both pain and wonders;
A mark of my presence.

Time has come to move on,
From my lingering memories.
It is time we glimpse the future,
Rather than searching for the past.
Time to say goodbye, for good.
And embrace whatever that is coming.

Life is difficult, as everyone says.
Things change; my opinions,
My love, my loyalty and my life.
We had created our own path,
Rather than follow the paths
Of everyone else around us.

Six years of my life China:
Six years of my life in Australia.
It is equal and flawless.
But my love, loyalty and life,
Is with the country my heart belongs to;
Australia, for eternity.

by Lily Chen

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