My Love For My Husband

Poem By Hemdiya Naeem

For a million years, you are
The light of my life
My life became worth
When you accepted me
When you touch me
I slip into magical land
Feeling, flying like a tinkerbell
What on earth made us perfect match?
You was only in my day dreams
But there was a voice inside my head saying you will get him one day
My faith was shaking for no reason
I was falling to you
You gave me everything
That i needed but now
Iam missing your presence
In every single moment
Lost with no direction,
My heart is aching for your touch
A day without you is like
A year without sunshine
Day by day you dig a hole
Deeply in my heart
Dusk to dawn i keep whispering
Your name till darks arrive
I will not let you go from my life
Beyond any reason
You are created for me
Your presence cure my illness
When i look to your noble face
I always see a paradise
Where we alone in our small
Paradise holding each other
Hands and moving
Iam waiting for you with
All my greetings and pleasure
I cant wait to spend the rest
Of my life with you
My eyes cry for you,
My heart aches for you,
Still you cant see?
From now on, now on then

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A profound love for your one and only. Thanks, Hemdiya

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