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My Love For You
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My Love For You

Poem By Bull Hawking

My love for you is exotic like

The Autumn orb that lights

Yellow leaves like lanterns

On the shore at night

My love is gentle as a western

Plain....calm for all its width

Its simplicity sits like

A thousand zen moments

Caressing nervous cares

Into cactus stares

And sand

My love is ravenous

As the jungle's growth

Its power to entangle

To sound like crazed monkey chatter

Mixed with birdlike screeches

From the reaches of the trees

How can all these be

In one love for ye

I've only mentioned three


A thread runs through it all

The thread of you and me

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Comments (2)

Thanks Mandolyn.....glad you liked it....it always pleases me when you comment....because your insight is so keen. Kim....had to laugh....I meant to say ye gads but was afraid it would make me sound too intellectual... ;) thanks also for the kind words.
Great poem, Bull. Just one thing: I would suggest changing ye to thee because ye is plural and thee is singular. (Forgive this intrusion from a former English teacher.) Also totally agree with Mandolyn's comment!