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My Love For You Will Never Cease To Erase. (Not Poem, More Story)
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My Love For You Will Never Cease To Erase. (Not Poem, More Story)

and no matter what you do. no matter what crime you do in general. my love for you will never fade away. my love for you will never decrease. the only thing it can do is increase. it will never cease to fade away, it will never go away.

and so you are like one of those people who has just dumped someone where theyve been in a relationship for quite a while. and you tell everyone that you are so glad that you did this. its like a weights been lifted off your shoulder, you no longer have to do things that he says, you know longer have to wait for them to get ready, and you no longer have to spend your weekend being with them constantly. everything around you is now free. you dont have to listen to anything. you can do anything that you want, because that weight has now been lifted. you act as though you are the happiest person, but deep down inside youre a miserable wreck.

that person was your life, your everything. without that true love you dont know where you stand without him. he shaped who you were. he shaped your existence and all you did. without him, youre like this pile of jello, just squirming around moving sluggishly everywhere, because you have nowhere to go anymore. you had ditched all your friends ages ago to be exclusively with him. your friends hated you for this, and you thought that they would always be there for you if you and him ever split. but the ultimate truth is that they gave up, they were sick and tired of waiting around for you, for your presence. they got over you.

what do you have left to live for? youve lost your life, your soul. youve lost your best friends. you dont want to go to school anymore, because who will you eat lunch with? youll probably just end up going to the cafeteria acting as though you are with people so that everyone around you doesnt think youre some sort of loser. youll get your food rather quietly, and go disguise yourself, and hide by yourself in the washrooms. but even at that you dont want that because then youll have those prissy little chicks who have to go into the washroom during lunch and fix up their make-up and push up their boobs so that all the guys notice them.

you thought that youd die without this person by your side. you thought that youd die without their kind, sweet reassurance. since youve ditched all your friends for that 'new group' of friends. it was just the three groups of you. the three couples. why the heck would they want to hang out with you now?

soon you get over it. you get over what youve lost. and you go seeking out new friends. new people. friggin heck, you found him. you found what youve been out searching for, your whole life. and he is amazing. hes like the final touch of the sundae, the cherry that everyone seeks. the whipped cream that everyone eats out of the can. hes perfect.

- Me xox
I love you, as much as I loved you the first time we met. Please, wont you be my forever? We can live this long tedious life together. Please tell me you'll stay. Please, please.

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Life is too short and Janice and Albert and Chris and I say, get over this person and get on with life! Kudo's to your sad and depressing story!