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My Love…forever

My Love…forever

I can give you a Rose,
but it will shrivel and die.
I can give you a piece of parchment
and on it, words of rhyme and rhythm,
but even that will eventually fade away.
I can even give you a song that tells
of how you’re a Godsend and that your
voice belongs to an Angelic choir,
but that will inevitably be lost among
the others sooner or later.
There is one thing however that will
never die, it will never fade away,
and it most definitely will not get lost
sooner or later.
What I speak of will be everlasting,
it will be a shinning beacon among the
others, and it is eternal.
What I can, and freely give you,
Is My Love… Forever.

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Very lovely indeed!
Excellent! Perfect! That's what we all want!