My Love, How Can I Ever Leave You?

By all means they try to hold me
secure who love me in this world.
- Rabindra Nath Tagore in his poem Free Love

They keep you secure
To keep on sucking your love.
They spy on you, they read your emails
They snoop into your credit card details
They seach for clues in trash cans for infidelity
Checking every single penny you spent on coke or coffee
With no confidence, they feel insecure themselves
They hold you as a prisoner for their own security.

But love you are not like them
You are stronger than them. You have confidence
You give me all freedeom, You trust me
You make me love you more than I love myself
I know no one will love me more than you do
What more can I ask of you?
My love, how can I ever leave you?

by Ravi Kopra

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