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My Love Is

My Love Is

Written by: Wilfred Mellers, Saturday, September 24,2011, @ 1: 19 PM

You plus I equals we

One love, one heart, one destiny

Together we have become one soul

I shall stay with you until the sun sets no more

We shall be together until eternity passes away

Until the sun no longer shines in the sky nor the moon by night,

Until the stars in the sky grows dim and no longer shine,

I shall love you till then and thereafter till the end of time

My love is deeper the any ocean

My love is pure and only for you I breathe

Without you, my life would be meaningless

My love reaches to the highest of the universe

It is deeper than any ocean

It is wider than any sea

You make everything in my life beautiful

The moments we share are magical

Your simple touch sends shivers down my spine

Your lips are sweeter than cherry wine

Your eyes make me drift into paradise

The warmth of your body keeps me yearning

I was made for you and you for me

A single day without you is like a day without sunshine

You chase all the clouds away

It's because of you why the oceans are blue

I love you for these reasons and so much, much more

My life, my partner, my breath, my love of a lifetime

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