CER (27th March 1990 / Singapore)

My Love, My Desire

A meaningful conversation,
She told me all I knew.
From my childhood dreams and fantasies,
To all of which I had no clue.

Her eyes said it all though,
Every blink, my every thought.
When she opened her mouth to speak though,
I knew all I wanted to know.

How long have I been waiting for her,
This Beauty who spoke with her eyes?
How long have I been waiting to hear,
Her rendition of my tears, my cries?

My heart could not keep up with it though,
The pace of it all.
Her occasional smile, her picturesque style,
I realised I had started to fall.

The reality of it I questioned first,
Studying it from every angle.
This Beauty? My Sweetie?
How could I this prolific love handle?

I tore at my heart,
Removing the cushions within.
Expecting to find infatuation,
I saw her in my love's only Inn.

All I ever wanted,
My passions, my fire.
I found in that sweet girl,
My Love, My Heart, My Desire!

Copyright © Christian Eliab Ratnam 2012

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