My Love My Wife

Oh! My darling I have loved You all these years,
Through sickness and health through laughter and tears
Forty five years we have been together
In joy and sorrow, fair and foul weather
Although we're not as young as we used to be
I have always loved you and at times you have loved me
I have loved you with all my heart
I love you right from the start
There were times when there was a doubt
Whenever we quarreled, when ever we shout;
But that soon passed and we would go on as before
Each day I loved you all the more
There were times when I didn't show it
But I still loved you and you know it
Maybe I didn't love you with a lot of passion
Yet I loved you always in my fashion
Maybe I wasn't as sexy as you
But my love for you was always true
We raised a family, the kids are grown
The time has come for us to be alone;
All these years you have been my life
My sweetheart, my love, my wife.

by LeRoy F. Oates

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