My Love Of Forty-Six Years

In a little prairie town
I found a dream
She smiled so sweetly
She turned my heart around
Hand and hand we'll stroll
Down life's wonder land
I'll build you a castle on
the rainbow,
And the stars will be your
And on this enchanted land
of ours
I'll build you a garden
Of Roses
They'll cover the country side
Each rose will have a story
To tell you
The story will say I love you
With a love that no one else
can steal.
I'll plant a rainbow vine
Beneath your castle wall
So I can climb up it to
Your window in your tower.
There'll be flowers along the walkway
And on your window sill
Flowers on your mantle
And each evening
I'll place a rose upon
your pillow, the
pillow that you sleep on
so I might press it
And hold it forever
deep in the folds of my heart
I'll love you till your
roses will bloom no more
And that's a mighty long time
There is no greater power
Than love in our prayers
We thank God for our love.

by Frank J. Jameson Sr.

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i envy such a lasting love