My Love's Kiss: The Perfect Selfish Gift!

Yes, some would wish for feasts galore, to celebrate in style!
Yet, as for me, hooked by 'Amour! ', I sigh to see her smile!
Yes, some would wish to see world peace! That's awfully noble, guys!
Yet, as for me, how can I cease to think about her eyes! ?
Yes, some would wish for Earthly power, content to think they rule!
Yet, as for me, throughout each hour, I'm hot 'cos my girl's cool!
Yes, some would wish the world was theirs, yes, theirs-n-theirs alone!
Yet, as for me, such 'billionaires', true love have never known!
Yes, some would wish for jewellery, chic chauffeurs and fast cars!
Yet, as for me, my earnest plea: Her kiss! The rest I pass!
Yes, some would wish for wondrous things, in hopes nothing to miss!
But I don't need a billion rings... I pine for my love's kiss!
Those luscious lips are Heaven-sent! To me, they're Heaven-blessed!
To me, she is the perfect friend! 'Cos my girl is THE BEST! !

by Denis Martindale

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